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Patience with Your Loved Ones

Posted on December 23, 2011 at 3:00 PM

In this Holiday season be patiente and loving with your loved ones.

Love, tolerance and respect is the best HOLIDAY/EVERYDAY gift you can ever give to anyone in your circle of family, friends and loved-ones.Always remember that we have different vibrations and levels of consciousness and that is what make us UNIQUE.

In order to have peaceful and loving family gatherings KNOW these facts:

  • The people who will give you must trouble in your life ARE must likely to be your loved ones. They will upset you if you do not know who to dettach from their drama, control your feelings and emotions  about their behavior and release yourself from their expectations.
  • Accept them for WHO AND WHAT they are and respect them for WHERE they are.
  • DO NOT try to change their level of consciousness if they are NOT ready for it.
  • Take their good qualities and be tolerant with the not so good ones.
  • You can DAMAGE poeple by trying to save them when they are NOT lost.

Happy Holidays! .... and enjoy your family. (You know... life is kinda short, so enjoy them while they are here ALIVE) - Namaste, Rev Maria Baez, RM CHt.

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